Products bearing a Red Feather certification are made and sourced in a pure, sustainable, responsible, and beneficial way for Mother Earth and Indigenous peoples. In Native culture, the feather symbolizes Strength, Honour, Wisdom, Trust, and Freedom. Red Feather Certification honours these qualities in the following ways:

  • Strength: The majority of the ingredients are Indigenously sourced, and the end product is Indigenously made.
  • Honour: A portion of the proceeds are returned to the community and local Indigenous organizations.
  • Wisdom: The product has been thoroughly tested, and quality control has been exercised throughout the production process.
  • Trust: The source matter is organic, and no harmful pesticides, herbicides, or chemicals were used in its production.
  • Freedom: The Indigenous cannabis movement is a tremendous opportunity for independence and autonomy for Native people.

The Medicine Wheel encompasses all aspects of life and nature. The circle shows that all things are interconnected and related. Each quadrant represents core aspects and teachings of life, comprising all the different outlooks and perspectives that guide and shape the world we live.  In the middle is where all peoples, all teachings, and all ways of life meet in harmony and unity. By placing the Red Feather at the centre of the Medicine Wheel, we are identifying the importance of all of us working together for the betterment of everyone and for the preservation and enrichment of life and Earth.