Medicine Wheel – Assorted CBD Gummies 500mg

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Elevate Your Wellness with Medicine Wheel CBD Gummies
Embark on a journey of health and flavour with Medicine Wheel CBD Gummies. These gummies are renowned for their therapeutic benefits and delightful taste. Designed to meet your CBD needs, they offer the perfect balance of health benefits and delicious flavours.

Potent Relief in Every Gummy
Each gummy delivers a potent 25mg dose of CBD, ensuring effective relief from pain, inflammation, and anxiety. This high CBD content makes each gummy an efficient way to manage your health concerns.

A Symphony of Flavours for Your Wellbeing
Furthermore, enjoy choosing from five different flavours. Each adds a unique and enjoyable twist to your wellness regimen. With 20 gummies in every pack, you receive a total of 500mg of high-quality CBD. This makes them ideal for daily use, catering to both taste and therapeutic needs.

More Than Just Edibles: A Step Towards Balanced Health
Moreover, Medicine Wheel Gummies are more than tasty treats. They’re a practical approach to managing health concerns. Try these gummies and discover the harmonious blend of great flavours and the soothing effects of CBD. They represent a significant step towards a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.


High CBD Content: 25mg per gummy for effective relief.

Diverse Flavors: Five enjoyable options for every palate.

Health Benefits: Ideal for managing pain, inflammation, and anxiety.

Discover Balanced Health with Medicine Wheel CBD Gummies

Step into a world of wellness with Medicine Wheel CBD Gummies.

Perfect for those seeking both flavour and therapeutic benefits, these gummies offer a powerful blend of high-quality CBD and delightful taste for a healthier, more balanced life.

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