Sativa 200mg Gummies by Medicine Wheel

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Embark on a Peak Cannabis Experience
Dive into the world of Medicine Wheel Sativa Gummies and discover a new peak in cannabis enjoyment. Our pack offers 20 gummies, each containing 10mg of THC, totaling 200mg. These gummies are crafted with the finest Sativa THC full-spectrum extract, providing potent effects and unmatched flavour.

Setting the Standard in Flavor and Effect
At Medicine Wheel, our Sativa Gummies set a high standard in the cannabis world. They deliver robust effects coupled with a flavour experience like no other. Each gummy bursts with unmatched taste, elevating your cannabis journey to be both delightful and effective.

Perfect for Tailored THC Intake
Moreover, these gummies offer perfect precision in THC intake. You can easily tailor your cannabis experience to your needs. Whether it’s boosting energy, maintaining focus, or enhancing your daily adventures, our 200mg Sativa Gummies are up to the task.

Energize and Focus Your Day
Additionally, each gummy is a step towards an energized and focused day. Choosing Medicine Wheel Sativa Gummies means opting for a day filled with vitality and high spirits. Embrace the premium Sativa experience in a delicious gummy form and transform your day into one of energy and productivity.


Medicine Wheel Sativa (Day Time) Gummies 200mg

High-Quality Sativa: Each gummy is infused with 10mg of premium full spectrum extract.

Unmatched Flavuor: Experience the best taste in the market with every gummy.

Tailored Dosing: 20 pieces per pack for precise control of your THC intake

Boost your day with Medicine Wheel Sativa Gummies. Perfect for enhancing focus, energy, and enjoyment.

Experience cannabis at its finest, and take on your daily adventures with renewed vitality!

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